Lisa's carport - it's finally there

Years ago we were biking around town, going down one of the really steep hills of Svendborg. I was ahead of Lisa, and had gained a good turn of speed when she cried out for me to stop. Isn't that just typical. When you've finally got some momentum, you have to waste it all braking. I duly turned about and climbed back uphill towards Lisa, who was pointing at someone's house (or so I thought).

Turns out she had spotted a carport that she found elegant. A 'must have', in fact. So she proceeded to knock on the front door of the house to hear where the people got it. Turned out she knew the folks; they were of course the parents of one of her former pupils. Before long we had an e-mail address to a dealer in Sweden, where Lisa promptly found this carport on sale at half price because the model was being discontinued. So before long she had me talked into purchasing it, and it duly arrived as an aluminium and plexiglass construction kit in seventeen cardboard boxes on three pallets.

We weren't ready to erect it for a long time, so it lay dormant in the old garage, where consequently real estate was very sparse.

Not until our sewer began making trouble did we make plans for the new carport, which got itself a whole new apron, as the pictures will show. And not until now - Jan 22, 2008 - did I assemble the last bit with Lisa's assistance.

So, here it is. Note the garbage can in the 3rd image, standing against the wall of the old garage. Now the garbage collectors not only go and fetch it themselves, they even put it back in place after having emptied it! No more do I have to remember to bring the garbage out to the the street every other week (who can?), so this is an unqualified (though expensive) success.

carport, image 1, small carport, image 2, small
carport, image 3, small carport, image 4, small
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